Saturday, November 5, 2011

The Kindergarten Recital

     My daughter Janelle's first Kindergarten Recital.  The long awaited and well rehearsed event was here!  I had volunteered to help with the leading the children on and off the stage, and the exit way unavoidably led to the outside of the building, so I had to be sure to lead them to safety back stage, and not to the dark outside.  With little 4 year old Jimmy attached to one hand, I managed to one handedly steer the children to the correct destination.  All at once, one child slipped on the exit steps and was falling.  I reached to catch her with both hands, and set her back in a safe position.  Then I turned around, in just seconds to grab Jimmy's hand again, and Jimmy was no where to be found.  I immediately searched through the crowds calling his name, to no avail.  He had just disappeared!  I immediately panicked and raced through the multitude of people hunting and shouting out for him.  Teachers and other parents began looking and calling out, but he seemed to be nowhere.  It was a very dark night, and the school was located in an area that was not very well lit up and neighborhood was very scary for a small blond headed child of 4, alone.  Fifteen of the longest minutes in my life passed by.  They seemed endless, horrifying and very bleak.  Out of the dark I spied two young men, both who looked like Mormon Missionaries, with short hair and bright colored backpacks, and preppy  windbreaker coats, who looked, dressed, and acted NOTHING like the type of boys who usually walked that area.   In between them was my little gem, Jimmy, holding tightly to their hands and looking very safe and warm.  I screamed his name, and he came of the boys stated, "Is this your mom?"  The other one said, "We found him in the parking lot."  I grabbed him up and hugged him so hard, I never wanted to let go again.  Tears streaming, I then turned to thank the young men, and they had disappeared in the darkness, never to hear my thankfulness and appreciation.  I truly think these young men were angels sent from the Lord to guide my child back to safety.  I shall look forward to the day that I may thank them. 

Monday, October 3, 2011

A Christmas Gift

My Sweet Babies
At Church
Back in 1992, I was a single Mom, with 2 babies, 2 and 3.  I had been working for the Department of Public Social Services for over a year, but money was still tight, with childcare and the likes.  I had scrimped and saved for Christmas, however, and had exactly $300.00 to spend on my babies for a wonderful Christmas, I hoped, full of toys and joys.  It was an exciting evening for me.  It was after work, and dinner, and I had hired a babysitter for the children for this pleasurable evening: everything was perfect!!  I was going to buy all the Christmas presents I could with $300.00, that would be approximately $150.00 each!  I entered the store, and proceeded to the ATM machine to receive the hard earned money.  (There were not ATM card receivers at the checkout stands in those days.)  I was going to have a blast shopping!  I proceeded down to the toy aisle, and leisurely and carefully placed each item of value into my cart, choosing the presents I knew my children would enjoy.  After I calculated that I had spent my max,  I ventured to the checkout lanes.  After all the toys were added up, and a little over what I had planned, I reached in my purse to pull out the money.  It was then that I shockingly realized that I had not taken the money from the ATM machine!  I immediately stated "Wait a minute!" to the clerk, and speedily ran to the ATM machine.  There was no way that money was going to be in there after all this time! I knew someone had taken it!  I stared blankly at the money release exit that was right on top of the machine, in plain view of everyone.  The money was there!  All of it!  I grabbed it, with a huge gasp, and said a small prayer under my breath.  I ran back to the clerk and anxiously paid for my toys, with an enormous relief, and gathered my toys and walked out.  What had just happened?  After an an hour of that money sitting there on the top of the machine, in full view, and noone took it?  I realized that this was a miracle for me in my life.  The Lord had blessed nothing to happen to that money, until I came back for it!  Jesus Christ loved me and wanted me to have a lovely Christmas with my family.  This added a whole new awareness, and level of appreciation toward my Savior.  I silently rejoiced, and again prayed a silent prayer to our Father in Heaven for saving that money for me.  It was truly going to be a wonderful Christmas.